Should you follow your heart or head while shopping

So being a middle class girl how does it feel to have a minimum budget and making sure that we set our style and make our money worth? Pretty much difficult? Right ? There arises a question should you follow your heart or head while shopping?  In my opinion we should rather sit back and think what other outfits we don’t have in our wardrobe and what all clothes we must have  to set our own style!! ...

Do celebrities influence our fashion choices too much??

Before setting up my conclusion I would like to ask you guys first what fashion eventually means to you ? What is the first thing which comes in your mind when you think about fashion ?How you define the term Fashion ? As of for me, Fashion is an impeccable combination of Style,Comfort, Kindness, Presentation, Attitude and many other things.A celeb is a person on and off screen in fields like entertainment, sp...

Follow your heart or head while shopping ?

Well this is dilemma I’m sure everyone goes through. I’ll talk about my thought. It’s very obvious that follow your head is the way to start but not for me. Common we are stalking about shopping. I shop because I know what I want to buy so I’m prepared to follow my heart else I wouldn’t go shopping. When you know you want to buy something and you go for shopping and if your gonna follow your head you w...

Karan Khatri (Jan 06, 2018 06:31 PM)

Does using luxury product makes you fashionable ?

Well now days yeah. Me personally being a hypebeast and a luxury fashion influencer on Instagram definitely feel so. It’s not that you have buy luxury products to be fashionable compulsorily but if you do happen to add a brand like Gucci, off white etc along with your basic attire it does add that fashion sauce to your whole look without trying hard.  But again this is brand specific you cannot use this trick...

Karan Khatri (Jan 06, 2018 06:09 PM)

do celebs influence our fashion choices too much ?

I do not exactly agree to this unless there is a specific defition of celebs in this case. When it comes to influencers and bloggers, we try to spread knowledge and fashion sense but when it comes to actors and models then the game changes as they mostly promote brands that have paid them. I mean you will rearly look at actors when they are wearing what they want for themselves but mostly when they are seen by y...

Karan Khatri (Jan 09, 2018 09:20 PM)







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