Should you follow your heart or head while shopping

So being a middle class girl how does it feel to have a minimum budget and making sure that we set our style and make our money worth? Pretty much difficult? Right ? There arises a question should you follow your heart or head while shopping?  In my opinion we should rather sit back and think what other outfits we don’t have in our wardrobe and what all clothes we must have  to set our own style!! ...

Bold & Beautiful Mumbaikars

Mumbaikars give preference to comfort when it comes to #fashion Mumbai is #Financial as well as #fashion capital of India. Fashion is fun & fantastic for us #whoneedsfashion #blogathon2018 #sayitasis 

Sujata Tawde (Jan 06, 2018 06:17 PM)

Does using a luxury product make you fashionable ?

Such an obvious question for my followers ! Does using luxury products makes you fashionable ?  I personaly feel, no .  You need to have the eye and that  creativity to style a piece of clothing picked up from streets in 200/- bucks and style it in such a way that it cannot look any less than a luxury product and that’s what thegulabigirl loves to do! I love picking up random stuff from street shopp...

why do you follow Fashion ?

Just a simple question lot of you have asked me: whether I stay fashionable for the world or for my self !  So i would like to say  definitely for myself , because I feel if you won’t love yourself how can you love what you do or how can you love others .  I could take thegulabigirl so ahead only because of the love I got from you guys which eventually started by loving myself . People do say you love...

Is societal belief and culture fashion's biggest limitation?

Well, society plays a great role on everyone's mindset, be it fashion, career etc. I think fashion is something very personal, I don't let the societal beliefs bother me, someone's style cannot suit anyone else. So, as far as possible, be yourself and you'll be liked for who you are. Don't you agree? Like this post and comment your opinion below. #whoneedsfashion #fashion #sayasitis #breakthr...

Janvi Chandure (Jan 06, 2018 06:16 PM)







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