About us

“Whoneedsfashion.com”is the brainchild of us- a diverse, fun loving and a very chatty group of individuals. Some of us are ardent fashion supporters, others not so much. But the one thing that keeps us all together is our habit of unabashedly expressing ourselves. We thought of making this habit contagious and gather other attuned people.

Whoneedsfashion.com is a one of a kind social experiment in fashion, where we encourage eager and expressive individuals to join in and share their varying ideas and opinions on fashion and style.

You may not necessarily know the best spring collection of the year or the difference between couture and ‘ready-to-wear’, but to us, it doesn’t matter. What matters is your personal take on everything and anything related to fashion and style.

So, whether you are fashion lover, a fashion phobic or anyone in between, we are giving you the freedom to be unapologetically vocal about it. We have built an all-embracingforum for people to think, discover and most importantly be discovered.