Here you can find answers to questions about the forum and how it works. Use the links below or the search box on the homepage to find your way around.

What is WhoNeedsFashion.com?

WhoNeedsFashion.com is a fashion and style discussion platform where everyone who’s anyone can contribute their opinions, ideas and views. As a part of this community, you will get to interact with other members, and stay updated on latest in fashion and trends. This forum is for everyone wishing to contribute, regardless of their take on fashion and style.

How do I become a part of “WhoNeedsFashion.com?”

To be a part of WhoNeedsFashion.com, you will need to register on the forum. You can register using your Email or Facebook login details on the home page. Choose a unique username and password to complete the registration process.

What are threads and topics?

Threads are discussions in different categories started by members of the forum. They are open discussions where everyone is welcome to express their opinions through commenting.

How do I start a new thread?

You can start and post new threads by clicking on “Add a topic” once you become a registered member of the community.

How do I reply to a comment on my thread or someone else’s thread?

The option of reply is on every comment on the thread which allows the user to directly reply to that particular comment.

Can I attach images and videos while posting a new thread or replying to a thread?

Yes. You can attach images (jpeg, png and gif) and youtube links through the attachment icon present on the dialog box.

What are ‘top threads’?

Top threads are the most active and popular threads on the forum. You can reply to any of the trending threads by clicking on the thread and replying with ‘Post a Reply’

What are recent and featured tabs?

“Recent threads are the newest threads on the forum. Featured threads are threads started by our featured members- domain experts, renowned bloggers etc.

How do I look for specific threads or a particular discussion topic?

You can search by keyword, topic name, user name or a hash tag using the search bar on the top of the page. A quick way to also find threads it to browse the forum topics on the right hand side of the home page.

I have a topic in mind, but do not know how to categorise it?

You can put the category for your thread topic according to your discretion. The threads will be posted once they pass moderation. Hence, if the category you put isn’t right, the moderators will modify it using their discretion.

How long does a thread stay active?

A thread will stay active for 3 weeks from the date of its commencement.

What are polls?

Polls are questions which are posted on the forum.

How do I vote for polls?

Each poll question has two options. You can click on the option you want and cast your vote.

What is the sentiment meter that I see on the on the home page?

The sentiment meter detects the positive and negative sentiment about fashion on the forum based on comment emojis.

What is the hash tag cloud?

The hash tag cloud shows the trending hash tags in discussion threads. Clicking on the tags will direct you to all the threads under that tag.

Can I add people on my profile?

Once you are registered, you will be automatically notified if your Facebook friends or email contacts are also members on the forum. You can also send requests to other users through the community/users tab or searching a specific username.

Can I become a featured member of the forum?

Featured members are fashion bloggers, domain experts and influencers who have created their niche in the fashion world. Also, once you are a registered member and are actively participating on the forum you can also become a featured member overtime when you have a substantial following.
If you are a domain expert and/or a renowned blogger, then you can collaborate with us directly by writing to us at (insert email id)

Can I edit my profile?

Yes, you can edit and change your display picture as and when you wish to.
Your username cannot be changed once registered.

How do I find other members of the community?

The community tab on the upper side of the home page will take you to the database of all the existing members of the community. The search bar allows you to search directly by member’s username. You can also find active and online users on the home page.

I do not like some comments or things said on my thread. Can I delete them?

The forum is a free thinking space and everyone is entitled to have their opinion. So it’s not possible to delete comments which may differ from your opinion.

I just saw some inappropriate comments on the forum. How can I report them?

You can ‘report abuse’ inappropriate and abusive comments by clicking on the button which will notify the moderators. Appropriate action will be taken in such cases purely on the discretion of the moderator.