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Do celebrities influence our fashion choices way too much?

Here’s a topic where I will come across different point of views from different people! Not being on for and against on the topic, let’s start it!  When it comes to following some one you don’t need to follow celebrities, it can be anyone from the fashion industry or any individual or any other social influencer like me.  For me when it comes to fashion or admiring some one, I adore Mariano di vaio...


Why do you follow fashion? To look good for yourself or the world ?

It’s always said follow your instincts, follow your heart, do what you feel good for yourself because at last loving yourself and being with happy with yourself is the best happiness in the world!  So guys let’s talk about fashion and how do you interpret it ! Do you follow fashion to look good for yourself or for the world ?    For me when it comes to fashion and looking good, it’s not about ...