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hetal gada

Is societal belief and culture fashion's biggest limitation?

Ok so this is bit tricky topic but i feel its important to discuss about this! Because not everyone comes from very open minded family and then thats where they feel huge limitation for them to be associated with latest trend and fashion. Because i have seen many people saying yaar log kya sochenge or log kya kahenge! (What will people think or what will people say?) But one think which i strongly believe is if ...

hetal gada (Jan 06, 2018 06:27 PM)

Should you follow your heart or head while shopping?

Stop shopping if its come from ur head, like ofcourse while thinking in monetary terms we think from head, hahahaha! But yes anything you are shopping just shop from heart because if you are uncomfortable in something but you want to buy it thinking that he/she was wearing it (on social media) and they looked pretty but then you are just wasting your money, because ofcourse if its uncomfortable and you are not g...

hetal gada (Jan 06, 2018 06:14 PM)