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Heart vs Head when Shopping?

One thing that most of us love doing is - shopping! Better known as 'Retail Therapy', buying something that we like or feel will look good on us has the power to make us happy instantly.  So in order to get that 'wow' feeling you would need to make a purchase. Which involves money and that is where the question comes-is it worth. So do you listen to your heart or your head?  I would say ...


How to be Yourself in Style?

The word 'fashion' is still getting decoded everyday. We all love to look good and now it has become an obsession?People judge the way you look or what you wear,  whether you are a celebrity or not. There are 'trends' coming in vogue and going out of fashion every now and then. In the process of catching up with the world of fashion out there, do you end up losing your sense of style?   Wel...