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Khushboo Motihar


Mar 10, 1992

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Do you take inspiration from your culture or the society you are living in for fashion?

I think while societal norms should never weigh you down for fashion or anything else, I do take great pride in mixing up western and Indian trends to create a fusion look. Jhumkas with Tshirt and jeans or juttis on a dress look quite cool. What do you think?


Practical or whimsical: How do you shop?

For me, Post shopping euphoria is often replaced with 'what the hell have I done' face palms. I often end up buying outfits and accessories that are cute and pretty but not practical and useful in my day to day life. During end of season sales, I often lose my head and pick up clothes because they were heavily discounted. My new year resolution in 2018 is to shop with 3 simple questions 1. How often w...


Dressing for yourself vs Dressing for the world?

Hey guys, My fashion philosophy is simple. Comfort and quality matters more than how 'trendy' my outfit is. I think the more comfortable you are in your own skin, the more confident you feel from within. This confidence then exudes and imbibes your personality which makes you a happy person. Don't forget comfortable clothing does not mean boring ;) So what is your take? How do you like to dress...