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Does using a luxury product make you fashionable ?

Such an obvious question for my followers ! Does using luxury products makes you fashionable ?  I personaly feel, no .  You need to have the eye and that  creativity to style a piece of clothing picked up from streets in 200/- bucks and style it in such a way that it cannot look any less than a luxury product and that’s what thegulabigirl loves to do! I love picking up random stuff from street shopp...


why do you follow Fashion ?

Just a simple question lot of you have asked me: whether I stay fashionable for the world or for my self !  So i would like to say  definitely for myself , because I feel if you won’t love yourself how can you love what you do or how can you love others .  I could take thegulabigirl so ahead only because of the love I got from you guys which eventually started by loving myself . People do say you love...