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Manali Jain


Jul 13, 1994

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Should we follow our heart or head while shopping?

The world is now of endless fashion, styles, and influencers. How often do we shop for what we love and feel comfortable in, rather than for something that would look good on our social media posts. We've been following our head while shopping simply because that would get us more likes & comments?  So, for me following my heart is more important. It makes me feel confident and comfortable. And that&#...

Manali Jain (Jan 06, 2018 06:11 PM)

Do celebrities influence our fashion choices too much?

Being in a digital world, how much does a celebrity influence your fashion style, your thoughts on fashion, the way you look at yourself?  How often do we pick up a style just because our favorite actor wore it/endorsed it?  I think it's way too much than we think. Every brand has a celebrity face to it. So yes, they do influence our choice of brand. But ultimately it should be what we love seeing ou...

Manali Jain (Jan 06, 2018 06:04 PM)