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Does using a luxury product make you fashionable ?

For me, Fashion is a comfort. I dress as per my comfort and set my own style.At the same time using luxury products doesn't make me look fashionable. As an influencer and a fashion blogger you people might think that I must be using branded products to endorse them but let me tell you guys I have a mix combination set up in my mind. Before buying any branded product I compare the brands with whom I'...


Do celebrities influence our fashion choices too much??

Before setting up my conclusion I would like to ask you guys first what fashion eventually means to you ? What is the first thing which comes in your mind when you think about fashion ?How you define the term Fashion ? As of for me, Fashion is an impeccable combination of Style,Comfort, Kindness, Presentation, Attitude and many other things.A celeb is a person on and off screen in fields like entertainment, sp...


Should you follow your heart or head while shopping

So being a middle class girl how does it feel to have a minimum budget and making sure that we set our style and make our money worth? Pretty much difficult? Right ? There arises a question should you follow your heart or head while shopping?  In my opinion we should rather sit back and think what other outfits we don’t have in our wardrobe and what all clothes we must have  to set our own style!! ...