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To look GOOD we follow fashion, But is it for ourselves or the world ????c

For the longest time I can remember, Being FASHIONABLE has been of utmost importance to me. I was always mesmerised by these young beautiful woman in magazines, on hoardings etc. Models on the ramp looked so perfect. Fashion seemed perfection to me until I started following fashion for myself.  All of us make the mistake of blindly following fashion just to look good or because the world is currently follo...


Follow ur HEAD or HEART while shopping???

An impression is created in the first 3 seconds of meeting an individual. What is say follows the impression already created by you. Shopping is a very personal experience... Fashion is essential but not a neccesity. Me being a plus size all my life have been a close follower of fashion. I loved dressing up and being prim & proper always but considering my size it was always a challenge. That did not stop me ...