Does using luxury product makes you fashionable ?

Well now days yeah. Me personally being a hypebeast and a luxury fashion influencer on Instagram definitely feel so. It’s not that you have buy luxury products to be fashionable compulsorily but if you do happen to add a brand like Gucci, off white etc along with your basic attire it does add that fashion sauce to your whole look without trying hard.  But again this is brand specific you cannot use this trick...

Karan Khatri (Jan 06, 2018 06:09 PM)

Does using a luxury product make you fashionable ?

For me, Fashion is a comfort. I dress as per my comfort and set my own style.At the same time using luxury products doesn't make me look fashionable. As an influencer and a fashion blogger you people might think that I must be using branded products to endorse them but let me tell you guys I have a mix combination set up in my mind. Before buying any branded product I compare the brands with whom I'...

Does using 'luxury' product make you 'fashionable'?

No way! Fashion is not about the brand, it's about your style. Wearing luxury brands surely makes you feel good, but how you carry it is more important. I feel fashion is very personal and cannot be measured by means of money. Do you agree? If yes, like this post and comment your opinion below. #whoneedsfashion #sayasitis #fashion #mumbaiblogger #indianblogger #breakthroughfashion

Janvi Chandure (Jan 06, 2018 06:06 PM)

Is good fashion always expensive fashion?

Coco Chanel once quoted, best things in life are free, the second best very expensive. In context of fashion do you think this hold true? Does fashion need to be expensive to be labelled as good or trendy? What are your views?  







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