Decoding Sabyasachi's saree controversy

In the light of what famous designer Sabyasachi said in his apology letter after his controversial statement at Harvard, regarding Indian women who do not know how to wear a saree should feel ashamed; do clothes really define your modern personality, especially in a country like India where we are rapidly adapting to western culture and lifestyle? Is wearing traditional clothes truly considered culturally rep...

Comfortness and Fashion with Culture and Tradition.

Wearing a hye - fye clothes with several types of beeds and glittery work, on the clothes makes restless and feel uncomfortable after wearing that particular type of clothes. So, instead for going on look, shiny and gliterry work, comfortableness should be preferred.  Fashion should be done as it is necessary with the time changes, but Doing fashion without Culture and Tradition is the thing which I don'...

AS Kale (Jan 12, 2018 01:08 AM)

Your fashion personality

Casual, traditional, bold or formal, every person has a fashion personality. The personality could either be circumstantial or inherent. My personality is a mix of casual and classic.  What's yours? Comment below!  

Is societal belief and culture fashion's biggest limitation?

Well, society plays a great role on everyone's mindset, be it fashion, career etc. I think fashion is something very personal, I don't let the societal beliefs bother me, someone's style cannot suit anyone else. So, as far as possible, be yourself and you'll be liked for who you are. Don't you agree? Like this post and comment your opinion below. #whoneedsfashion #fashion #sayasitis #breakthr...

Janvi Chandure (Jan 06, 2018 06:16 PM)

Is societal belief and culture fashion's biggest limitation?

Ok so this is bit tricky topic but i feel its important to discuss about this! Because not everyone comes from very open minded family and then thats where they feel huge limitation for them to be associated with latest trend and fashion. Because i have seen many people saying yaar log kya sochenge or log kya kahenge! (What will people think or what will people say?) But one think which i strongly believe is if ...

hetal gada (Jan 06, 2018 06:27 PM)







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